cottamdavosI try to tackle some of the more intractable social issues of our day, designing services and solutions that start from the perspective of people and their communities.

I do this within a systemic approach, addressing the macro issues of regulation and finance to ensure the work is both sustainable and scaleable. It’s an approach that is both bottom up and top down.

I see myself as a problem solver, inventor, and facilitator. I am interested in the concrete – innovative ideas that are affordable and work in practice – in how we can combine thinking with doing to solve the knottiest of problems.

I work as part of a team, bringing together people from very different backgrounds, professions and points of view, but who share a common aim of making a tangible difference.

I have been working in this way for over 20 years in 8 countries, evolving a highly participative, inter-disciplinary approach that I believe is best suited to solving some of the more complex, systemic social issues of our time.

Those I have worked with and for include the World Bank, UNICEF, Demos, RED at the Design Council, central government and local authorities in the UK, schools, prisons and communities.  I have started three enterprises: School Works, the Do Tank and, in 2007 Participle.

In 2005 I was named UK Designer of the Year for my approach to public service innovation. 

In 2006 I was designated a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

Based in London my work is currently UK focused, based at Participle, but my thinking is international in scope. I am engaged with and part of new developments in social and business thinking in many corners of the world. Ultimately I am what I do –the project work speaks for itself.