Small Projects

smallprojectsSmall projects can be a great way to test new ideas, re-fresh the creative juices, try out new forms of collaboration and learn. At RED we called these smaller initiatives our pink projects – they took no more than 8 weeks from start to finish, were fun and generated some great new ‘sticky’ ideas.

Citizenship: Touching the State This short project looked through individual citizen’s eyes, asking what the experience of voting, being on a jury or participating in the new citizenship ceremonies feels like and how it could be improved to encourage deeper civic participation.

Kitchen Cabinet: We worked with constituents and 4MPs looking at political engagement at the local level. We have found that people are distanced from and have low expectations of their MPs whilst MPs themselves have a huge task on a minimal budget. We have run a workshop with MPs from all parties in the House of Commons and RED are piloting some new ideas in Doncaster North looking at how constituents might work with MPs to co-create their own solutions turning the role of an MP from one of reactive to proactive.

Future Currents: 40 percent of London’s CO2 emissions come from domestic residences. This project looked at how we could make our energy use visible and motivate behaviour change. Our work developed into the launch of a new London enterprise Green Homes, supporting Londoners to green their homes.

Other ideas we developed such as our One Million Roofs campaign to make London the first distributed power station through micro generation can be seen on the website