Writing – Practice – Speaking

Writing  Hilary’s book Radical Help: How We Can Remake the Relationships Between Us & Revolutionise the Welfare State was published by Virago LittleBrown in June 2018.  Radical Help was hailed as ‘mind shifting’ in the New York Times and a read of the year in the Guardian.

Practice  Hilary collaborates with communities and governments across the world.  Award winning work that has started in communities and had a transformative impact on wider systems includes work on ageing, the prevention of chronic health conditions, employment and new approaches to support families.  Hilary’s current work calls for a social revolution: exploring the new forms of thinking, working and organising we need to navigate the twin challenges of climate change and technology driven socio-economic change.

Speaking If you would like to book Hilary to speak please contact her agent.  Recent audiences have included Hay and Edinburgh Festivals, the World Economic Forum at Davos, international public sector conferences and smaller private events.  Hilary’s  TED talk on how we can change our social services has had over 750,000 views.